To infinity.

Navigation beyond Earth orbit into deep space.

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Out-of-the-box, full navigation stack

Navi is building a next-gen navigation platform to guide spacecraft to the Moon, Mars and beyond.



Team-based web app for navigation analysis & operations: e.g. orbit determination, maneuver design, with built-in event-based workflow automation.


Next-Gen Interfaces

Trajectory design, data visualization and orbit determination in VR, a natively three-dimensional world.


Computational API

Securely accessible with client libraries in multiple languages, OpenAPI standards & extensive docs. Built on top of the most trusted library in astrodynamics and navigation, JPL’s Monte.


Cloud-Native Teamwork

Secure cloud platform with high-reliability, scalable data storage, and fully networked mission settings, perfect for on-site or remote teams. With mission console’s event-based workflow automation, engineers can set the system to automatically generate new navigation solutions as tracking is streamed to storage.


Immersive Environments

Navi VR environments are focused on specific segments of the mission design and flight navigation process. Within environments, team members use simple controller gestures to: view and edit data residuals, modify and re-run filter solutions, build trajectories with drag-and-drop force models, and much more.

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